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PT hallway made in Unity for PC/Mac/Linux 

created by Farhan Qureshi

pt bottlespt table pt hallway

I’m a HUGE fan of PT.  My heart also hates PT.  I came across a very small demo that recreated the hallway visually and aurally; it’s important to note it’s not the game, but you can walk through the hallway and trigger certain…events…

The animation of the first gif (with Lisa) is not in the demo, but I liked the animation so thought to include it.  If you don’t know what PT is you can take a look at the teaser here.

You can see the process of how the hallway was made here.

[Download The Hallway]


via /r/gamedev

Ghost Song 

developed by Old Moon Games.  

An actual (super?) metroidvania that’s been in development for a few years, and is hopefully coming out at the end of 2015.  While it definitely looks like a modern Super Metroid, the game is also supposed to borrow elements from Dark Souls.   No hand holding with the gameplay.  :)  The mix definitely gives it a great looking atmosphere.

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Illustration by Ian Barker, follow on Tumblr.

Game Over (working title) 

by Studio Blackflag.  

An isometric puzzle platformer.  Explore a cute cubic world, solving puzzles and unlocking new areas.   The atmosphere reminds me a bit of Fez, peaceful exploration.

Created using Playmaker for Unity3D, which allows you to make games without writing any lines of code yourself (it’s all visual).

It’s still in development but you can play the latest build on their website, for now.  I’m sure the developers would appreciate any feedback, so feel free to leave a comment here or send them a tweet. :) 

[Play Game Over]