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Eastshade by Eastshade Studios – “…a game that is a world worth exploring for the sake of exploring. There are no enemies to kill, no dialogue dramas between acted characters to play out, and no towns to build. There is a world with sights to see, sounds to hear, people to meet, things to find, and impasses to surmount.”

Sounds really refreshing.

Chester United by Brilliant Blue G


Celebrating one month and 100 followers. :)

It’s actually been longer than a month, but sssshhh!   I wanted to introduce something a little new going forward, so I got in contact with jdpalmerart (who does concept art/sketches) to see if I could commission some art for one of the games on my blog.

I decided to do Chester, since I’m addicted to gifs and I liked the whimsical nature of it.  It was a bit hard to see Chester in the gifs, so we did a little digging and found an older image.

J.D. used that along with the in game character portrait to do awesome things, see below!  I’d like to try to do more “fan art" of the games on my blog, but I’m not sure at what frequency (monthly/weekly etc.).  I guess it would depend on how interested people are in seeing more.  What do you think?

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