This is less of a “links” page and more of a “things like me” page (but that was too long to fit in the menu bar).  There aren’t a lot of places that share indie games in a more visual manner, so here’s a collection of them.


Alpha Beta Gamer & Free Games Planet – sister sites which post games that are available for download (for free) in various stages of development.


Fillip – A gorgeous curated grid of indie games.


Futute Beta Gamer – showing off games that are still in development, and often available to play.


Pixel Artus & Platformer Powersister sites dedicated to pixel art and platformers (respectively).   Sometimes includes technical articles and helpful developer stuff.  Part of Pixel Prospector, which you should definitely check out if you’re a game developer as it contains a ton of helpful articles.


Warp Door – showcasing mostly small and really quirky games…like, REALLY quirky


If you’re on Tumblr, there are a few neat blogs to follow as well, though they don’t update too often (which is not that much of a problem if you’re following):

  • Play Peep – “good-looking games as a reference for game creators, illustrators and user interface designers.”
  • Game Squares – screenshots of indie games in a grid, with links (similar to Fillip).
  • Video Game Art Styles – “a gallery of interesting visual styles used in games”.