Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, because why not

developed by SEGA  |  Platform: PS4

valkyria chronicles remastered 1valkyria chronicles remastered 2
valkyria chronicles remastered 5valkyria chronicles remastered 3

A turn based strategy mixed with a bunch of RPG mechanics. This is one of my favourite games from the PS3, absolutely loved the story.  If you’re into strategy games I would definitely check it out when it releases.

I was planning to put this up April 1st, just because it seemed like a good day to do whatever, but then I came across that other silly game (NSFW) and thought that was a much better idea.  So no indie games today, tragic.  :(

Back to the regular stuff tomorrow!  Unless another whimsy unicorn possesses me.  Unlikely, I think.

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